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E.E. Brown Leatherworks was founded in 2021 by Emily Brown, a resident of Nashville with a passion for working with leather textiles. At the young age of 13, Emily crafted her very first leather handbag, igniting her love for design and textures.

Driven by her creative pursuits, Emily established her first company, Red Velvet designed by Em, in 2011. She dedicated herself to handcrafting leather handbags, wallets, and backpacks, which led her to become the youngest artist to sell at the prestigious Geneva Fine Arts Festival in 2012 (Geneva, IL).

Today, Emily's artistic journey continues to evolve. While her passion for leather and design remains, she has shifted her focus to crafting modern wall art décor that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Emily's designs draw inspiration from various sources, with a particular appreciation for Mid Century Modern design, the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and the profound influence of her father.

With E.E. Brown, you can experience the culmination of Emily's expertise, creativity, and passion for leather as she brings her unique vision to life through stunning fine art. 



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